An Introduction to Markzware in 2024


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An Introduction to Markzware Software

Founded in 1992, and based in Nevada USA, Markzware is the producer of a number of high-end file conversion software products. Renowned for being a company that values user feedback – their product line has been carefully engineered to meet – and in many cases exceed – user requirements. Quality file conversion tools such as Q2ID (now QXPMarkz), save time by enabling users to convert QuarkXPress docs in Adobe InDesign without having to recreate them from scratch. At the time of writing, Markzware’s current offerings are:

  • FlightCheck 
  • QXPMarkz
  • IDMarkz
  • PDFMarkz
  • OmniMarkz


An Image of FlightCheck Software by Markzware

Thoroughly inspect and analyze images, fonts, colors, and more in multiple desktop publishing file formats with this next-generation, preflight quality control tool for MacOS. What’s more, FlightCheck is a standalone application and as such does not require any external apps for the software to function. Customize preflight reporting with company info and logo and then export as HTML, TXT, RTF, XML, or JSON, into automated workflows. For a limited time only use this Markzware Discount and save up to 20% on FlightCheck and other Markzware software.


An Image of QXPMarkz & QXPMarkz SE

Convert QuarkXPress files to IDML and open them in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, and others with QXPMarkz. Like FlightCheck, QXPMarkz is a standalone application and does not need any additional applications to run it. Use the software to export QXP files into a number of formats such as PDF, TIFF, PNG. JPEG, GIF, and IDML. QXPMarkz SE is the Windows version of the software that sports the same functionality as QXPMarkz, the MacOS version.


An Image of IDMarkz

Use IDMarkz to convert InDesign via CS4 to a wide range of file formats. Preview InDesign in rapid fashion without the need for a fully-fledged editor, and export your InDesign files to PDF using IDMarkz. Add markups, comments, and annotations in Adobe Acrobat and import the edits back into InDesign. The software is also available in Windows format under the name IDMarkz SE.


An Image of PDFMarkz

PDFMarkz is a PDF preview/conversion powerhouse that enables users to both preview, and convert PDFs into a multitude of formats. Open and edit PDFs in InDesign, Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, and more. Automation options facilitate fast workflows, and support for AppleScript and Custom URL Schemes ensures that PDFMarkz will integrate seamlessly with your workflow of choice. PDFMarkz SE is the Windows variant of the software.

OmniMarkz – Markzware all-in-one solution

An Image of OmniMarkz

OmniMarkz is the brand’s all-in-one solution which powerfully combines QXPMarkz, IDMarkz, and PDFMarkz into one package. Preview, report, and convert QXP, InDesign, and PDFs in one application. OmniMarkz SE is also available for Windows users.

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