Nitro PDF Pro vs Nitro Productivity Suite: What’s the Difference?



So what's the difference between Nitro Pro vs Nitro Productivity Suite?
What are the differences when comparing Nitro PDF Pro vs Nitro Productivity Suite? It’s a commonly asked question and it’s one we will endeavor to answer here. In so doing, let us take a quick look at both.

What is Nitro PDF Pro?

Nitro PDF Pro (first released in 2009) is essentially a PDF productivity solution that positions itself in the market as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Quick and easy to use for novices and experts alike, the software enables users to edit, and create PDFs from a multitude of file formats. It also enables users to convert and export the PDFs to the likes of Power Point, Word, and Excel. Nitro Pro 13 is the latest version of the software. Use this Nitro Pro coupon code for a discount.

What is the Nitro Productivity Suite?

Introduced in 2018, the Nitro Productivity Suite (now rebranded as the Nitro Productvity Platform) combines both the latest versions of Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign into one package. And this is how these two products are now being packaged and sold to business customers. Nitro Sign enables users to assign an unlimited number of electronic signatures as well as the ability to work from anywhere the world. This combination of the two products makes it simpler to create, share, and get documents signed. In essence, the combo boosts workflow and productiveness and makes it a powerful alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC.

A Short History on PDFs

PDF, short for Portable Document Format, is a file format that was created by Adobe in the early 1990s. The format quickly became popular in the field of desktop publishing. In 2008, the format became open standard, with Adobe giving the green light to royalty-free usage of all their patents that governed the rights to create, utilize, and sell PDF compliant implementations.

Benefits of the Format

Some of the key benefits of the Portable Document Format are:

  • Universality: No matter what your platform is, whether you use a PC or a Mac, users will able to view PDF documents without any compatibility issues.
  • Size: Convert all types of documents into PDFs without compromising on quality. The ability to amalgamate a multitude documents in to a single PDF reduces file size.
  • Google Friendliness: The file type is Google friendly. A simple search for “anything .pdf” will typically bring in a number of useful results for your query.
  • Free to Read: With there being a wide range of freely available PDF readers on the internet, documents can be read free of charge.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Adobe Reader, and many other readers alike, are available as downloadable apps for smartphones and tablets. This means that users can easily access files on the go without the need for a laptop or desktop computer.


Final Word on Nitro PDF Pro vs Nitro Productivity Suite

Our final word on the Nitro PDF Pro vs Nitro Productivity Suite is thus: make no mistake about it, the programmers here have done an excellent job in creating a software package that goes head to head with Adobe Acrobat DC. Ultimately, the company’s decision to offer Nitro PDF Pro as a solo package as well as one that ships with Nitro Sign for business customers was a clever one. It ensures that a range of users will benefit from a cost-effective, fast, and efficient solution for their PDF productivity needs.

CCleaner Professional Review 2021

Software Reviews


New CCleaner Professional Review 2021 - optimize your pcs and macs
Let’s cut to the chase and get straight in to our new CCleaner Professional review for 2021. For sometime now, CCleaner has been widely regarded as the solution to keep PCs and Macs in optimal shape. An award-winning product, trusted by millions the world-over, it claims to keep your computers fast, clean, and secure. Easy to use with an intuitive array of features, it purports to possess the power to transform your computer’s overall performance. It’s USP is its ability to optimize your PCs and Macs with one simple click! For a short time only, get the best deal on CCleaner with this CCleaner Coupon Code.


Going Professional

The CCleaner Professional version sports an array of key advantages over the free version. Pro includes Complete Cleaning, Real-time Junk Monitoring, Automatic History Cleaning and Automatic Updating. It also has its very own clone files checker which empowers users to locate and delete duplicate files. Like the other desktop versions of the software (excluding the Mac variant) it runs seamlessly on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista. I mean hey, it’ll even run on XP! Installation is a doddle and shouldn’t take no more than a minute to setup.


CCleaner Professional Plus

CCleaner Professional Plus is everything you loved about the Pro version and more. Essentially it’s 4 programs in 1 pacakage. So, in addition to CCleaner Pro’s Complete Cleaning, Real-time Junk Monitoring, the automatic updates and so forth, you are also equipped with the power of defragmentation to defrag your drives, File Recovery to recover lost files, and Hardware Analysis to monitor your hardware. The 3 additional programs included are:


  • Speccy: Examine your computer’s hardware in forensic fashion with Speccy. Get comprehensive analysis at your finger tips with real-time, detailed information on hardware components such as motherboards, CPUs, RAM, graphics cards and more. Monitor component temperatures to ensure everything is working optimally and functioning as it should. The snapshot feature also allows users to take a snapshot of the inner-workings of your machine. Useful in situations where you may want to compare and contrast operating figures.


  • Recuva: Recover deleted files. So whether you have lost files by accidental means, or due to a corrupted drive or operating system, or even a newly formatted drive, this is application to you can rely on to peform a “superior file recover.” Recover images, music, documents, videos, emails and more. The software also has a special feature that lets you securely delete files for good.


  • Defraggler: Speed up your system with this rapid defragmentation tool. Set the software to defrag single files or entire drives. Supports HDD, SSD drives, NTFS and FAT32 formats. Schedule your defragmentation requirements and sit back and let the software do the rest. Easy to use, the user-friendly interface is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Image of CCleaner Pro Plus which includes speccy, recuva, and defraggler


CCleaner Business Edition

The Business Edition of CCleaner which is currently being used by many of the top FTSE 100 companies is designed to protect your data and keep workstations in an optimized condition. It will optimize endpoints, improve productivity, prevent data theft, and reduce IT support costs. An applicational asset to your company, it will extend the lives of your workstations. It’ll also keep them safe and secure in the process.


CCleaner Professional for Mac

The number one cleaning application for your Mac, this CCleaner Professional for Mac will make your Mac faster and more secure. Just like a PC, Macs store unused files and junk alike. This software will enable your system to run quicker. It’ll speed up boot times with startup management functionality. It will also reduce clutter thereby enabling your system to work to the best of its operational abilities. To thank our visitors who have read this review, we have made a special CCleaner discount available that will save you 65% on all orders.


So let’s sum up this CCleaner Professional review for 2021 with one important question: Is CCleaner any good?

CCleaner in our experience is a very good, very efficient application for maintaining the performance of your computers. It is safe to use, and is not malware. In fact, this software would compliment an anti-malware solution perfectly. One of the features of the software we found particularly useful was Browser Cleaning. Enabling this feature saved us a great deal of time. Traditionally, we’d have to manually clean our cookies, delete history, etc… with this program, however, you can set the software to do it all automatically! On the whole, it’s a complimentary addition to any setup.

Summing up our CCleaner Professional Review for 2021

A Brief Introduction to Markzware

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Our brief introduction to Markzware starts here. Markzware are the producers of a number of high-end software products that have been designed specifically to help to make life easier for its users. This is a company that caters to its users needs. Specialists in providing quality file conversion tools such as Q2ID. An excellent piece of software that enables you to convert QuarkXPress docs in Adobe InDesgin. A time-saving feat that saves you the dreaded task of having to recreate documents from scratch. Just the thought having to start a new – it’s happened to me many times, memories best forgotten!

ID2Q at a glance

At a glance, this informative video from the company gives you great insight to the power of this Markzware application. And their range of specialist products does not stop there: ID2Q gives you the opportunity to convert InDesign to QuarkXPress, while FlightCheck is a top preflight tool for print and publish professionals, creative designers, prepress departments and more. This gem will allow you to check native and PDF files for print quality. Another top installment from their astute product line is MarkzTools2 – built on the successful MarkzTools – this latest incarnation builds on the success of the original. Like the original, can be utilized to open, modify docs created in CC, CC 2015 and 2015. What sets it apart is its ability to carry out conversion without requiring Adobe InDesign to be installed on one’s computer.

Get the best Price

Should you be on the market for the software that this company provides then you will be please to know we have teamed up with Markzware to provide you a discount. This latest Markzware coupon code will enable you to get the best price on all of the products on their website. This is currently the best deal to be had on the internet so we hope that you will be happy with it. If you have any issues please contact us for assistance.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security vs Advanced



What are the differences when comparing Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security vs Advanced?

A key a question that often arises among those whom are interested in Bitdefender’s premium business solutions is: What are the differences between Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security vs Advanced Business Security? In this post we will take a look at the key differences between the two offerings. In order to do that effectively let us first examine the main features of the two products. For a limited time only get 40% OFF both versions with this exclusive Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Discount.


Bitdefender GravityZone Comparison

image of Bitdefender GravityZone Comparison


Additonal Features of Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

As has been highlighted in the Bitdefender GravityZone Comparison above, the advanced version comes with some interesting additional features. In the following passage we’ll take a closer, in-depth look at those features.


Mobile Security

The ability to organize and oversee all of your corporate mobile devices is made easy with the GravityZone Control Center. Take control and enforce company security policies via enterprise-level management of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices connected to a corporate network. What’s more, smart anti-theft technology makes it simple to locate, lock, and wipe lost devices remotely.


Microsoft® Exchange

Bitdefender GravityZone’s Security for Exchange provides award-winning antispam, antimalware protection for mail servers. It safeguards and secures your Microsoft Exchange environment from both internal and external threats. The winner of VirusBulletin’s Golden SPAM+ Award on multiple occasions, it’s an advanced, well-engineered, technologically proven platform.


Smart Centralised Scanning

First introduced in 2011, Bitdefender’s Smart Centralized Scanning was the first system to give users the ability to offload scanning operations to a centrally dedicated appliance to lessen system load. Specifically engineered for efficiency, it provides class-leading performance across all physical and virtual endpoints. You can learn more about Bidefender Scan Engines on their website.


Fileless Attacks Defense

The sustained rise in fileless and script based attacks is indicative of the increased level of sophistication associated with modern-day system threats. Bitdefender’s specially developed Script Attack Defense safeguards your systems from infrastructual attacks on the likes of Powershell and command line.


Last Word on Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security vs Advanced

Having taken a closer look, if the additional aforementioned features aren’t a necessity and the 30% cap on server endpoints isn’t an issue, the standard BGZBS offering will be more than sufficient. For everything else, BGZABS – with its additional features, and its 35% cap on server endpoints – may prove to be the better option. For a limited time only get 40% OFF both versions here.

MacKeeper Review 2020

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MacKeeper review, taking a closer look at the softwareAdvancement in technology has provided enormous support to the current generation. This is because it has made it easier to solve some of the problems of mankind. Before new software was developed, most people thought that they could survive potential threats by avoiding websites that can harm their computers. Over time, this idea faded as new threats became common and alternative solutions were needed to combat the viruses. Utility software applications have been developed and updated in the recent years to curb new threats that may destabilize computers. It is very important to have a security software installed on your computer and other devices. This purposely helps your computer to be stable and effective in performing different functions. Of the many software packages that are well known for their system securing abilities: Bitdefender, Malwarebytes; the one we’ll be focusing on here, MacKeeper. Our MacKeeper review for 2020 will be taking a closer look at its features and why we believe it should be installed on Mac devices.


Getting to grips with MacKeeper

Most laptops and computers use system software programmed to optimize, analyze, and provide computer maintenance. Mackeeper is a utility software that is designed specifically for Mac OS X. It offers focused optimization and computer maintenance. It features 17 tools-in-1, offers powerful Avira based antivirus protection – and is updated regularly. The antivirus works by firstly: searching for viruses on the system and then compares it to well-known viruses and other different kinds of malware. The program will then offer solutions on how to disinfect the files or completely get rid of them.


The nitty gritty

There have been arguments on whether MacKeeper serves its intended purpose or it is a program prone to crash. Well, the nitty gritty has been done. In essence, do not be discouraged by what people say about this software as it was purposely programmed to optimize your systems and not to do the opposite. This review will touch on the essential components of the software that should be considered to enhance your Mac’s efficiency. I also touch on why Mac users should continue using it.


Active in-program technical assistance

This software was designed with active in-program technical assistance to ensure that administrative tasks can be executed efficiently by analyzing your Mac for potential issues and giving solutions to them. It initiates this process by scanning the computer for technical problems and reporting the detected issues based on the results. It then gives you options on how to handle the threats and works with you in ensuring your Mac is safe from harm. This makes it easier to know which files in your computer are corrupted and how they can be disinfected. The program provides with a personal technical assistant to take care of all your technical related duties.


The ability to recover files

In most cases, you may change your mind on certain files which were considered as trash. Others may find it difficult to locate a file as it might have been removed accidentally. MacKeeper was designed with an inbuilt file recovery tool, allowing you to access lost documents. The file finder will reveal the exact location in which the specific file is stored in your Mac. Although it offers a solution to such problems, it is important to always back up your files to external drives and other locations such as the internet. This action provides the highest level of security protecting essential files from being lost.


Supporting your privacy rights

It is common to have classified or private files that should remain hidden from other users, in an attempt of maintaining privacy. This software has made it easier for you as it makes files disappear from other users but only gives you full access to them. It involves simple steps and once done, your files are free from onlookers. The first step is to encrypt the private files with two passwords using the Data Encryptor tool. This MacKeeper Data Encryptor tool allows you to access the files personally without involving a third party. No files can be seen by other people unless your password has been shared with strangers. In a situation where you no longer need the files and at the same time you want to protect their privacy, you can permanently delete them. This can be made possible by using the shredder tool which removes the files completely.


Protection against identity theft

This is among the most important features that enable you to trace your Mac in an event where it has been stolen. It is connected to the Anti-Theft Service unit which prevents your Mac from real life theft. It is also advisable to use advanced security features which provide solid protection to your Mac device. Tracking your Mac is made possible via the Track My Mac app. This app can take snapshots of the thief who tried to access the device. MacKeeper also protects your Mac from several problems such as malware, spyware, and other online threats. Encrypting your files enhances security and prevents your documents from being accessed once stolen. This feature has enabled most people to retrieve their stolen Macs, making it the best Security software.



It is important to learn how you can optimize MacKeeper. By doing so, your Mac will be able to work faster. The first step to be prioritized is choosing the specific apps that need to open on the startup menu, and which ones are to remain hidden. This reduces the burden tasked to the security software as it has to load all the necessary files in the menu.


Updating MacKeeper

The update notifications always seem to be the usual companion in every computer and other devices. Always take note of important updates for applications installed in your Mac. The latest versions are always highlighted on their site. It is important to update apps that are used more often. The reason why you should not ignore these updates is that they help improve security and stability. New versions of these apps usually have fixed bugs, which could help solve the frequent crashes your Mac encounters. Log in terms and tracker tools for all these tasks should also be fully updated to enhance the efficiency of the software in dealing with new threats.


Cleaning your Mac

Cleaning unwanted or corrupted files helps in enhancing your Mac’s efficiency. The first step you should consider is optimizing the RAM of your Mac with the Memory cleaner tool. Afterward, you can use Fast Cleanup which detects and gets rid of junk files. Smart Uninstaller enables you to remove apps that are not important. Finally, you can search and eradicate files which are duplicated and oversized, with tools such as Duplicates finder or Disk usage. This final step ensures your Mac is clean and that it can execute different tasks with ease. MacKeeper becomes efficient in detecting new files or apps that may be corrupted, and need to be disinfected or deleted. Utilizing the software’s Antivirus protection will also help to keep your Mac clean.


Why should MacKeeper remain installed in your Mac?

The arguments for and against the application have been around for some time and has confused most Mac users on whether to keep it installed or get rid of it. Basing my argument on research and findings, MacKeeper is actually the best Mac-focused utility software on the market which provides a number of beneficial features. The experts behind this software have worked extra hard to ensure that it fits the required standards and performs its intended actions. It runs in the background of your Mac, checking each opened file or app. By doing so, it performs background scanning, on-access scanning, resident scanning and offers real-time protection.


Added security

Unlike most security software, MacKeeper allows you to retrieve stolen devices. This feature has been of much importance as most people managed to trace their lost laptops or iPhones. This has been very essential especially in an event where you had classified documents, or files that you treasure in your device. The full system scans performed by this software ensures that no viruses are lying dormant on your computer. The reason why the software requires an update is that it uses the latest virus definition files to scan the system in an event of potential threats. The experts behind the software ensure that new threats can be dealt with as they exert more efforts in upgrading the software, to enhance its efficiency.


The low down

Most people who have used this software have benefited from the features it possesses. Personally, you can enhance the efficiency of the application on your electronic device by utilizing the optimization and cleaning procedures. All these factors have been of much assistance in revealing the importance of MacKeeper. Junk files and unwanted programs can be a major threat on your computer if you do not allow the security software to perform necessary scans. The technical assistance provided by the software guides you in the cleaning process and gives notifications on files that pose a threat to your computer.


MacKeeper Review 2020: Final thoughts

Mac users should feel free to keep this software installed as it does a good job of keeping the computer in good shape. Furthermore, updates done on the software enhances its performance and ability to deal with new threats that cause harm. I highly recommend this software to Mac users. It is among the best of utility software packages that protect your Mac, enhancing its efficiency. Your feedback is important to us so if you have any thoughts regarding this MacKeeper Review – please share them in the comments section. For all our readers, you can use this MacKeeper promo code and get the discounted price today.

ThemeFuse Review: Best Premium WordPress Themes

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So you need to create a professional looking website that will impress your visitors? You’ve been looking around for the best premium WordPress themes to achieve that goal. You’ve stumbled upon this Themefuse review and you’re interested to learn more. If this sums up your current situation then ThemeFuse themes are your friend. They are one of the best premium WordPress themes providers on the market. And are so for good reason: they provide an excellent range of designs that can cater to you all your needs – be it for business, not for profit et al – they will have something for you. Why I can’t I just use a standard, run of the mill theme? You may ask. Well, if it’s professionalism you are after, I would opt against using a standard theme for your website. I would almost certainly advise you to consider spending money on getting a professionally constructed search-engine friendly theme instead. Take advantage of this new exclusive ThemeFuse discount code to get the best deal on your chosen theme today.

ThemeFuse Review best premium themes for WordPress

Premium WordPress Themes

A premium theme will cost a little more than a bog standard generic one. However, you will see that it is definitely worth the money when you notice the number of people who are impressed by your website. And for people in business, if you want to keep business booming you should consider going premium. This company offers many great premium designs which you can purchase on their site. That said, if you are looking for an organization that can build you a WordPress site that is tailored to suit your needs there are many great companies on the net. They will happily make you a customized WordPress theme. This option, however, tends to be a lot more expensive and not advisable for everyone.


User experience

There are a vast number of benefits with regards to making use of a high quality design offering such as the ones supplied by ThemeFuse. Indeed many people would agree that one of the single most important function of a website is user experience. This is something that visitors to your website will be banking on. In order to facilitate good user experience for visitors, it’s crucial that you utilize quality solutions such as the ones that this company offers. The first point of contact is key for any visitor to your website. And for those doing business it doesn’t matter what you sell, what matters is who’s around to purchase it! And above all, a good user experience helps to keep users engaged.

Premium WordPress Themes: A Review of ThemeFuse

ThemeFuse’s SEO friendliness

For a start, you’ll be glad to learn that all of the designs offered are SEO friendly. ThemeFuse’s SEO friendliness will help you to get traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your website must be optimized in order to reap the benefits that come part and parcel of being ranked well in the major search engine. And for all those that don’t already know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Now I’m not likely to discuss this subject in details but to set it in simple terms: on-page and off-page optimization is critical and is something you will want to learn more about.



There are currently three pricing models on offer: Personal, Developer, and Lifetime. The Personal option will give you access to one theme of your choosing for $49. The developer gives you access to all themes for $79. And Lifetime gives you access to all themes for $179. Using this ThemeFuse discount code will enable you to get the best available price. And unlike many other providers, all plans include Photoshop files.


Support and updates

Free updates and support is a standard feature of ThemeFuse’s customer support. We also found some helpful videos uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel. There is also useful documentation available on their website. Reliable, and secure we were not only impressed with the top-notch quality of the templates but also impressed with the customer service. This is a company that values their customers and it really shows. On the whole, this a brand that you can trust in, a quality brand that has built up a solid reputation in the industry and its easy to why.

Shopping Online: The Rise of the Internet Shopper

Online Shopping


The very nature of the way in which we preside over our day to day shopping has changed immeasurably. Long departed are the days when we’d have needed to wait till the end of the year for festive discounts. We have all witnessed how times have evolved. The rise of internet shopping means that you can find savings all day everyday the entire year round. Essentially, all you require is a few clicks of your mouse – and voila, you’ve got what you want shipped directly to your door. Ultimately, it is this kind of luxury shopping that has changed the way we pay for goods and has given birth to the internet shopper.

The benefits of shopping online

One of the main benefits of shopping online is that you can simply browse the internet to find out the best prices on your required goods. In addition, there are plenty of internet retailers that give customers the opportunity to apply promotional codes at the paying stage. That is definitely where promotional code sites such as the ones you can search for and find in Google can be handy.

One example: just the other week, I desired to purchase a new piece of software for my laptop which had recently been contaminated with trojans. And rather than purchase the package outright, I thought to myself I shall see if I can find a discount code so as to get a concession on my software. Suffice to say, I was in luck – having typed in the phrase: ‘CCleaner coupon code’ into a Google search, I discovered a relevant coupon site. The website specifically had a number of functional CCleaner coupon codes. I was able to get 25% off my software and I was incredibly satisfied to have done so. I highly recommend these types of sites to all persons that want to save money on their e-commerce spend.

McAfee Total Protection: A Quick Rundown

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In a quick rundown, McAfee is an award-winning brand of antivirus software that delivers proactive, performance-leading software security solutions and services. These solutions and services help to safeguard systems and networks all over the world. Now part of Intel Security, consumers and businesses can rest assured that they will be furnished with high-end protection from the latest types of malicious malware and oncoming cyber threats. The solutions offered by this company are designed with synergy in mind. McAfee Total Protection integrates malware, anti-spyware, and antivirus software with security management features that provide clients with real-time visibility and analytics, reduced risk and improved internet security.

Instilling confidence

One aspect of conducting an online business is answering the questions consumers have in their minds before using a website to buy goods. One of those questions is this: Is the website I’m using secure enough? Potential customers do not necessarily develop into buying customers and quite a few online businesses find making sales pretty difficult. So if you fail at the very first hurdle to convince your potential custom that the site they’re visiting is safe, they will not feel safe doing business with you. Online customers have evolved and are smarter than the early generation of Internet shoppers, who frequently got caught to online scammers. Today’s customers are intrinsically inclined to visit stores that display a sense of legitimacy. It is imperative that business owners take the time to address the matter of website security. Instilling confidence is everything.


McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is just one of these comprehensive security solutions that simply serve to improve the huge arsenal of McAfee’s security suites. It’s a great successor to the highly sought after McAfee Internet Security, which can be an antivirus program for computers and smart gadgets. If you are thinking that McAfee Total Protection is one of the most complete antivirus packages on the market, then you’re right.

Everything about the new software continues to be built to make life easier for you. Confusing names happen to be removed and several features have been revised and moved around to make it more intuitive. For example the firewall settings have been moved to web and email protection section which is the most logical location for it as the firewall is what protects you once you access the world wide web. Should you be interested in purchasing McAfee software you can find a working McAfee promo code on our site.