What is ATLAS.ti Software?


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What is ATLAS ti Software used for?

Qualitative data can tell businesses a lot about their customers’ needs and wants. Businesses can potentially increase their profits if they put their customers at the center of everything they do. That said, the data they collect from their customers must be analyzed efficiently in order to gain meaningful insights. Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) software can help in this regard. Until recently, it was solely data specialists making use of this type of software. Nowadays, this type of software is being utilized by a wider demographic as more and more businesses continue to recognize the value of customer data.


ATLAS.ti Software

Of the many Qualitative Data Analysis software solutions on the market, ATLAS.ti is one that has a proven track record of producing results. With an ever-expanding catalogue of high-profile clients ranging from the likes of Microsoft to NASA, it comes as no surprise that new adopters are choosing ATLAS.ti. Intuitive and easy-to-learn, it is the only software that gives users cross-platform Windows, Mac, and Web access. Real-time team collaboration facilitates fast workflows, free weekly webinars facilitate extended learning, and free telephone support worldwide ensures that clients can get assistance across the globe. Pricing varies depending on the type of license one opts for. Periodically, users can benefit from discounts by using an ATLAS.ti coupon.


ATLAS.ti Features

Some of the main features of ATLAS.ti software are:

  • Ease-of-use
  • Cross-platform use across Windows and Mac workstations
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Free telephone support worldwide
  • Free ATLAS.ti educational resources


More about Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative data refers to data that is non-numerical data. These data are descriptive and conceptual in nature. Data for qualitative analysis can be collected from a variety of sources. Examples of sources are interviews, focus groups, e-mails, surveys, customer feedback, observation notes, and so on. Data like this can be overwhelming when presented to you. Enter ATLAS.ti software.

Qualitative Data Analysis software such as ATLAS.ti can help users to analyze, process, and organize the data so that they can take useful action. ATLAS.ti is used in numerous fields and industries, including health services, education, e-commerce, legal, marketing departments, and more. Put simply, QDA software like ATLAS.ti is a must have for entities that handle large amounts of data. For more info on ATLAS.ti visit their main site at ATLASti.com.

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